Sunday, November 25, 2012

Tayari Jones on Black LIT Radio!

Tomorrow, Monday 11/26/2012, KAZI Book Review with Hopeton Hay will air the Black LIT Radio interview with Tayari Jones.  The discussion focuses on her novel Silver Sparrow, which is now available in paperback and audio book.  The segment will begin after the news at 8 AM Central, 9 AM Eastern on Austin's KAZI-FM 88.7.  Those outside of Austin can listen live online at (click the microphone on left side of page) or through the TuneIn Radio app on iPhone or Droid phones. An iTunes podcast will be available shortly thereafter, which I'll share.

If you listen at some point, let me know what you think!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Discussing Self-Care in The Feminist Wire

I could write Living with Lynching in a way that made me proud because I had amazing support from countless people and several organizations.  Those factors were not enough, however.  I combined that support with a particular approach to my work and my health.  Because I think that adopting a similar approach might help others, I shared my perspective on healthy choices in a forum initiated by the extraordinary online journal The Feminist Wire.  This publication has become known for providing clusters of essays on key issues, ranging from the politics of Palestine to voting rights in the United States.  This time, women's health took center stage, with a special focus on women of color in the academy.  I am honored to have my ideas about this topic included in this remarkable and remarkably important forum.  

Emphasizing the need to draw boundaries and say "no," my piece is titled "Should-ing All Over Ourselves"

For an overview of the entire forum, see "Take Care: Notes on the Black (Academic) Women’s Health Forum"

To stay connected to this extraordinary publication, visit often!