Thursday, October 25, 2012

Ohio University

On Thursday, October 25, 2012, I visited Ohio University's School of Interdisciplinary Arts.  Students and faculty members in Film, Art, Art History, Literature, Theatre and Playwriting, and Music attended.  It's a truly unique program.  See their website:

This was my first trip to Ohio University in Athens, but I knew several scholars from their work, including Gary Holcomb, William Condee, Ayesha Hardison, and Amrit Singh, so I felt quite at home.  Still, what made this an exceptional experience was the welcome I received from film theorist Michael Gillespie, filmmaker Annie Howell, and playwright Charles Smith.  Dr. Gillespie arranged for the visit and hosted me from beginning to end.  Annie Howell gave me an enlightening crash course in the politics of independent filmmaking.  Charles Smith made time to participate in every part of my visit, which was a delight because I traveled to Indianapolis last year to see his play The Gospel According to James, which I blogged about: "Grappling with Midwestern Memories: A New Lynching Play"

In short, this visit was a remarkable treat for me.  The next day, I taught my own students, and they definitely benefited from the intellectual high that the good folks at OU inspired!