Friday, February 1, 2013

Lecture at Ohio State

On Thursday, January 24, 2013, I presented as part of the DISCO lecture series. 

DISCO stands for Diversity & Identity Studies Collective at Ohio State, and Professor Debra Moddelmog (pictured above) created it.  Thanks to its existence, cutting-edge work in the various fields represented by the Collective have more visibility on OSU's campusDebra has been a tireless champion of diversity and inclusion and the intellectual richness that diversity brings.  She has also been a crucial part of the success of Living with Lynching because she guided mestep by step and draft by draftthrough the process of responding to reader reports.  I was honored to be invited to speak in the series.  It was the first time I presented on my research in that room since I interviewed for the job in 2005.

Debra is a renowned Ernest Hemingway scholar, an excellent role model, and a generous friend.

Professor Joe Ponce, author of Beyond the Nation: Diasporic Filipino Literature and Queer Reading, introduced me.  We started at Ohio State together, and he has been a true friend on this remarkable journey.  I was much more emotional during and after his introduction than I expected to be.  (I couldn't hold back the tears or keep my voice from quivering.)  One of the things he shared was that I declared years ago that he and I would be stars.  Well, this endorsement of his book is more confirmation that I was right! 

Beyond the Nation is one of the most original, scrupulous, and moving books in Asian American literary criticism that has been published in the past fifteen years. -Sarita See

It was lovely to see people from all over campus and from the community. 

 It's always a joy to share the work!

For a nice feature on the DISCO website about my book and related activities, click here.