Friday, January 11, 2013

Praised in a Journal Published in Spain!

A thorough review of Living with Lynching appears in the current issue of Language Value, a journal published in Spain.  What a treat to have a 9-page book review!  And the author clearly appreciated the stakes of the study and understood my investment in shifting our gaze away from strange fruit” as we try to understand the enormity of the violence.  

A few quotations: 
From this first chapter onwards Mitchell is able to deconstruct the notion of lynching as a 'scenario of exorcism’ by unmasking the white supremacist logic that supported the spectacle of brutalized black bodies.”  
What is also innovative in Mitchell’s apt reading of lynching is her shifting focus from the victimized black body to the equally victimized black family life and black home.
Her impressive reading of the plays under study asserts the richness of lynching drama, as well as its heterogeneity and plurality.
A pdf of the complete review can be downloaded directly from the journal here.

For more on the journal itself, visit here.

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